High-Quality Face Masks & Face Shields Manufactures

Protecting you and our community, A Manufacturer with Heart

“Our main purpose is to manufacture superior health protection products in Singapore at an affordable price for daily use that improves the quality of life for everyone. From this point on, maximum efforts will be devoted to this mission.”

- Vital Shield Management Team

With the influence of this epidemic (COVID-19), our lives have also begun to change. As these health protection items have become our daily necessities and fixed expenses, demand increased, and so did the price. Sourcing for a high-quality face mask and ensuring it doesn't burst a hole in our wallet has become a game of balancing.

This got us thinking. Should essential health protection products be that costly? How can the Singapore community quickly get reliable and affordable masks without compromised by the supply chain?

This question inspired three friends to established Vital Shield.

Mission and Vision

Vital Shield will be the solution to the problems of transport delays, purchased machinery from abroad, having to source for reliable raw material suppliers, and shipped all the required equipment back to Singapore. From manufacturing to packaging to consumers, everything will be assembled locally in Singapore.

Health is a human's most crucial shield, and it should never be compromised because of any external reasons. Basic health protection supplies should be easily accessible and affordable to all, and we will ensure to deliver assured quality products at affordable pricing, to prevent such situations from happening again in the future.

Vital Shield aims to improve each and everyone's lives by achieving the best of both worlds; to produce quality-assured masks at an affordable price, thus allowing one to realize the true meaning of "protecting you, me and our community."